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Pisano Projecty by Linen + Orchid


 Bespoke & Timeless Designs

Our Mission

"At LINEN + ORCHID, we believe that your home should be more than just a place to live; it should be your sanctuary within. Our mission is to transform your living spaces into personalized havens that reflect your unique style and personality. Through the art of bespoke design, we collaborate closely with you to craft interiors that not only meet your functional needs but also resonate with your individual essence.

What Makes Us Different


We’re not just designers. We’re also skilled and organized Project Managers. We communicate ideas to the team of talented tradespeople who help make your dream project a reality. We work with you from the initiation phase and follow through to project completion. We assess risk ahead of time to keep your project running smoothly so you don’t have to worry any step along the way. We keep your project on schedule with your total investment vision and goals in mind.


Our designs are tailored and crafted for a timeless look creating a space that is uniquely for you, enhancing the way you live and what you love.  We’re guided by the essential functions of everyday life rather than trends and approach every project with a less-is-more mentality with great attention to detail and finish.  

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Janet Campbell principal designer at Linen + Orchid
Founder + Principal Designer

Janet Campbell is the Owner and Principal Designer.  She began her design career while living in Southern California earning her interior design certification from the world-renowned Interior Design Institute (IDI) in Newport Beach, CA. Designing has always been a passion for Janet.

In addition to interior design Janet is a licensed real estate broker for over 20+ years.  As a real estate professional, she uses her designing skills which has led to her success in selling more than $150 million in real estate.

Dreaming of a career change to interior design, upon moving to Raleigh,  Janet opened LINEN + ORCHID design studio in 2021, specializing in residential designs.

What truly inspires her design is her time living in Southern California and growing up in Long Island New York.  As an interior designer, she brings a transitional mid-century style with a classic look, blending today’s trends and materials.  


“I’m honored to help create a beautiful space that will reflect your style with my touches, while finding your sanctuary within”
Linen + Orchid interior design studio

Personalized Approach

Janet believes that design is deeply personal. Her creations reflect your unique story, tailor-made to suit your preferences and needs. 

Pisano Project by Linen + Orchid

Expertise & Passion

As the visionary principal designer, Janet Campbell infuses her passion for design into every project. Her expertise and intuition lead to spaces that ensure exceptional results.

Janet Campbell principal designer at Linen + Orchid

Attention To Detail

With an artist's eye for detail, Janet meticulously crafts every element, from color palettes to furniture selection, to create harmonious and cohesive designs.

Kitchen and Bath remodels by Linen + Orchid

Collaborative Journey

Janet values your vision and ideas. She collaborates closely with you, ensuring that your design exceeds your expectations.

Linen + Orchid Interior Design Studio in Raleigh, NC

Quality Craftsmanship

Janet's designs are timeless. She collaborates with artisans and suppliers who share her commitment to quality, infusing your home with the finest materials and craftsmanship. 

Book Your Discovery Consultation

Take the first step towards your next project. Click below to schedule a discovery consultation with our principal designer. Let us create a design that exudes elegance and sophistication while reflecting your unique style.

What Clients Say

"Janet has an eye for design and knew exactly what my house needed for the final touches and it turned out looking perfect."


– Jennifer B.

Linen + Orchid interior design studio
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