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With the pandemic reality still looming, our homes continue to become our “sanctuary within". Now more than ever many of us want our homes to feel warm, welcoming and each space must serve some sort of purpose.

Here are the design trends for 2022 and what you may want to know to help make your home your perfect oasis.


Curved shapes add a sense of warmth and coziness and we are seeing it in furniture and architectural features of a home like in this living room shot with the arched fireplace designed by Athena Calderon.

"This is one of my favorite trends since I've always been a lover of soft curves in my designs."


Browns are a deep neutral color which help give a space a rich elegant and timeless look.

Browns also brings an earthy element to a room and since most of my designs always has to have a cozy feel, I like to incorporate it to all of my decor to add a sense of warmth and welcoming invitation to a room.


Still in demand, rooms will continue to be designed with the concept of double duty in mind. A good sample of this is the dinning room designed by McGee & Co who added floor-to-ceiling shelving which makes it a perfect area for a library too. With many of us still working from home this is one trend I don't see leaving any time soon. One of the most demanded designs is a guest bedroom that can also serve as a work space in home.

I’m actually currently working on a project with this in mind.


One of my favorite things to add in any decor is repurposing the old with the new, which I find will bring a sense of history and spirit to a space.

The best places to find these vintage jewels is going to your local thrift shop or garage sale, you never know what beauty you will discover.

I’m currently in the hunt for a vintage vanity desk for my own personal decor.


Art collections that reflect the diversity of our world and from up and coming artists is in demand. I love to incorporate local art to any space and the more colorful it is the better.

Check out Jennifer Serio Palmonds art, I found this artist when I went to Highpoint Market Place last fall and just fell in love with her use of color and abstract techniques.

Would love to know which trend you will be using this coming year?



Principal Designer

“I’m honored to help create a beautiful space that will reflect your style with my touches.”


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