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By booking a Service with LINEN + ORCHID, you agree to the terms below, as well as our Terms of Use and Sale and our Privacy Policy (which describes how we collect, use and disclose your data and your consent to such collection, use, and disclosure) and are both incorporated into and are a part of these Services Terms.

1. Design Services

Upon finalizing the booking you agree to become a "Client" of LINEN + ORCHID and who wishes to hire Designer to provide services relating to Client’s agreed services as detailed in the Interior Design Service Agreement. Designer has agreed to provide such services according to the terms of the Agreement.

Upon booking the service online, you will be immediately billed based on the design services you selected.  The initial deposit amount will be due and made payable (as a non-refundable minimum purchase) and the remainder will be due based on the terms listed under the Payment Schedule as listed on the design agreement. The payment schedule will be as follows:

  • Initial Deposit - Due upon booking the services.

  • Second Deposit - 60% of remaining due mid services. 

  • Final Payment - Due upon completion of service.

2. Cancellation Policy


If you wish to terminate the services, or you have breached the terms as listed in the agreed Design Agreement, the following will occur upon termination, not as a penalty, but as reasonable compensation for our loss of business:       

  • i.  We will retain all paid Service Fees as non-refundable upon payment by you.

  • ii. You will be required to pay all outstanding payment of Service Fees and Expenses incurred through to the date of termination;

  • iii. You will be required to pay a termination fee of 25% of the remaining payment obligation based on the total Service Fees provided in the fully executed Design Agreement that was initially agreed to, or as such total estimated Service Fee may be amended, as compensation for our loss of business; and

  • iv. We may be entitled to further remedies and compensation under the law if you breached this Agreement.

3. Services

The services provided is based on the scope of services agreed to and listed in the Design Agreement, and may include the following:

  • (a) Developing interior design plans, mood boards, sketches, notes, floor plans, elevations, color palettes, finish specifications, and interior furnishing specifications (collectively the “Design Plans”), which may include fabrics/textiles, upholstery, flooring, shelving, architectural treatments, accessories, appliances, build materials, lighting, artwork, plants, furniture, and other decorative, furnishing and material choices for your Design Space (collectively the “Interior Items/Furnishings”).

  • (b) Interior Items/Furnishings per room budget allocation.

  • (c) Ordering of physical samples of Interior Items/Furnishings.

  • (d) Presentation of Design Plans and other information relevant to your Design Space.

  • (e) Procurement, storage, and delivery logistics of the Interior Items/Furnishings.

  • (f)  Installation and styling or management of the installation and styling of the Interior Items/Furnishings.

  • (g) Meetings and site visits with you and Third-Party Contractors.

  • (h) Serving in a general advisory and liaison role between you and Third-Party Contractors to implement design conformity to a remodel, construction, or new build project.

  • (i) Punch List walkthrough with Third-Party Contractors.

We do not provide services related to the structural or construction aspect of your Design Space, including but not limited to engineering, landscaping, architecture, electrical, plumbing, or general contractor services, and you will be required to enter into separate agreements with such third-party contractors (the “Third-Party Contractors”) who will be fully liable and responsible for such services.

4. Payment Method

All payments for Service Fees and Expenses are preferred to be made by Credit Card thru our online third party via Stripe.  Alternative payment methods may be mutually agreed upon. 

5. Procurement Of Interior Items/Furnishings & Pricing 

LINEN + ORCHID reserves the right not to share any sourcing information under no circumstances as it is propriety to "The Trade" and our profession. While we aim to work within your Interior Item/Furnishing Budget, we cannot guarantee the lowest prices and are not obligated to research lower prices, price match sales, markdowns, or discounts available elsewhere. We may at times receive affiliate commissions or trade discounts, and it is fully within our discretion as to whether we use, or pass on, any such discounts to you. All fees for Interior Items/Furnishings must be made before purchase and ordering, and if Interior Items/Furnishings are purchased by us on your behalf before payment (as may be the case with vintage, final sale, and auction items), payment of such Interior Items/Furnishings are due and payable upon receipt of invoice sent by us.

6. Intellectual Property 

We retain all intellectual property and proprietary rights including, but not limited to, copyrights, patents, moral rights, and trademarks, interest, and title in and to all Design Plans, custom furniture designs, and materials created in rendering the Services, whether they be preliminary or final designs. If we provide a copy of such intellectual property to you, we grant to you a limited non-transferable license for the sole purpose of allowing you to review and implement the designs of the intellectual property and do not under any circumstances transfer any intellectual property rights to you or license the intellectual property for any further purposes. For purposes of clarity, you are not permitted to display the intellectual property on any online platform, make copies of the intellectual property, use the intellectual property for any project not involving us (including if this Agreement has been Terminated), distribute the intellectual property to third parties or use the intellectual property for any commercial use such as advertising or marketing, without our express written permission. However, you and third parties involved in the project are permitted to share photos and videos of the Design Space, provided that we are appropriately credited as the designer, and nothing in this Section should be construed to limit your reasonable use and alienability of the finished design project. We request that you tag our social media accounts for all social media posts of the Design Space.

7. Questions? 

If you have any questions, please contact us at:

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