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Embarking On The Wagon Trail Project

Wagon Trail Project - Cover Image


As an experience designer, I love embracing the ever-evolving landscape of interior design. From renovations to remodels nothing gets me more excited then when I’m asked to design a new kitchen. I’m excited to finally share the Wagon Trail Project with you, which was a virtual kitchen design project for a townhome in Maryland and the client was referred to me by their friend and project manager. In this blog, I'll take you on a virtual journey through the captivating transformation of a kitchen that offers ample storage, boasting a bespoke style with custom paint colors and cabinetry.

Wagon Trail Design Project by LINEN + ORCHID
Design by LINEN + ORCHID | Photo by: Sara Coffin Photography

Wagon Trail Project - Inspirational Images
"With a clear vision in mind, I sought a space that could embrace a custom style – a kitchen that was uniquely for the client." – Janet Campbell | Principal Designer
Wagon Trail Project - Before Images


The Wagon Trail Project was a virtual design experience like no other. The client had recently purchased their home and yearned for a kitchen where she can practice her culinary skills, exuded charm but also met the practical needs for plenty of storage space. What I most enjoyed about this client is that she wasn’t afraid of color. The overall theme and mood for the new kitchen needed to be warm, textured, classic, spacious, and have a modern minimalist look. With a clear vision in mind, I sought a space that could embrace a custom style – a kitchen that was uniquely for the client.


As an advocate of cutting-edge design techniques, I was excited to wholeheartedly embrace the virtual pathway for the Wagon Trail Project. The design process first begins with the initial consultation which was done virtually over zoom which made for a seamless virtual consultation process, allowing me to get a real sense and feel of her space, while gathering detailed information. As were going thru the video consultation it helps me to better understand my clients' lifestyle, how they like to use the space as is, and ultimately, I will integrate her preferences into the design. Once the consultation was completed the design planning begins.

The next part is the design planning process: This is when we begin to source the items and materials for the design, and to help visualize the project I create at least two visual boards giving my client some options to choose from. During the consultation process I learned that her wish was to have matte black appliances and custom paint color on the cabinets, and immediately upon this information I knew the perfect set up for her, the Café Series appliances by GE which helped set the stage for the overall design of the kitchen.

Throughout the virtual design process, clients are given two opportunities to provide feedback and any changes that they would like to have done. I believe this collaboration is critical to process in that it establishes an efficient use of my client’s time and ensuring we are hitting on the design cues they want.

Wagon Trail Project - Visual Board

Wagon Trail Project - Mood Board

After closely collaborating with the client on all the details, mailing samples and sharing any useful information that may help with the decision making, the client approved all her final choices for her new kitchen. This is when the fun begins because now, I’m able to work on the Scaled Drawings and 3D Renderings. I enjoy this part of the design process because I’m incorporating all of the approved materials, fixtures, and lighting creating full color drawings that will help the client envision their new kitchen.

Once we have completed the design process, we will begin to finalize the drawings and prepare the Construction Plans for her kitchen project. These plans are what she will present to her contractor which shows detail information on how to execute the entire design also making sure her entire project stays on budget.


We live in a day and age that we have never seen before, where technology has made it possible for anyone to work remotely, collaborating with clients virtually all over the globe, luckily, I embrace technology allowing my clients to hire me for their designs virtually anywhere.

The virtual design process opened new horizons for the Wagon Trail Project. Through advanced technology like zoom I’m able to offer personalized consultations and with virtual collaboration tools my clients have access to an online dashboard where all their drawings, visual boards and sources are shared. While I do consider myself as a full-service interior design studio, clients can overcome geographical barriers interested in working with

LINEN + ORCHID and engage in real-time discussions, refining their design to perfection.


In the virtual realm, detailed design plans became the compass that guided the project forward. I meticulously prepared 3D Photo Realistic Renderings, scaled layout sketches, and material swatches, providing the client with a clear visualization of the result. I remembered when I initially met with the client, she had indicated that she wasn’t interested in making any changes to her pantry closet, but I knew that the space needed to be part of the renovation to complete the overall look and style of the space. I decided to surprise the client so once she was able to envision her finished kitchen using 3D renderings, she was not only amazed but was so thrilled that I went ahead and incorporated that change into her design. This not only fueled excitement but also ensured that every decision made was purposeful and aligned with her vision.


One of the main goals of this project was understanding the clients' need for extra storage space, so I embarked on a creative quest to optimize every nook and cranny of the kitchen. This wasn’t a large kitchen to begin with, but it needed to feel like it was. One of the first things I wanted to also do was add height to the space and this was done by placing cabinets all the way to the ceiling and raising the upper cabinets so that the height of the backsplash wall would go from 16” to 21” tall. By blending functionality with aesthetics and designing creative storage solutions this elevated the kitchen's usability while maintaining a captivating appeal.

Wagon Trail Project - Glass House Image
Glass House Design By: LINEN + ORCHID


To fulfill the clients' desire for a truly bespoke kitchen, I delved into the realm of custom paint colors and cabinetry styles. Inspired by the clients' tastes desire to add warmth and color to the space, the color palette curated breathed life into the kitchen, reflecting the natural beauty of the great outdoors.


The cabinetry, a defining element of the kitchen, was meticulously designed to match the clients' vision. The theme was to create an Urban Style Minimalist Kitchen, so I collaborated closely with my cabinetry vendors and craftsmen to design a European style modern flair cabinets’ that not only offered the desired storage but also showcased an urban classic elegance to the space, transporting the clients to their favorite retreat.


The entire kitchen came alive with a palette of custom paint colors that complemented the surrounding landscape. With the use of dark colors on strategic areas to the room it added a sense of luxury to the space, while earthy tones on the walls and cabinetry with nature-inspired hues infused a warm and inviting ambiance, ensuring that every meal preparation felt like a delightful culinary journey.


The ultimate reward as a designer was the heartfelt joy the client expressed during the unveiled design presentation. I was delighted to witness my clients’ reaction when they got to envision their dream kitchen come to life. The abundance of storage space, coupled with the personalized style, and the added surprise of redesigning their pantry resonated deeply with her and exceeded her expectations. One of the first things she mentioned was that she was so happy that her project manager had referred her to me and that she could have never come up with the designs that I created for her on her own. The testimony reflected her satisfaction and gratitude, affirming that the Wagon Trail Project was a journey worth taking.

Design By: LINEN + ORCHID | Photo Courtesy: Sonder Lux Solutions

Design By: LINEN + ORCHID | Photo Courtesy: Sonder Lux Solutions

Design By: LINEN + ORCHID | Photo Courtesy: Sonder Lux Solutions

This project first began last November and although my job was complete a month later, I was happy to hear back from the project manager just recently that the client’s kitchen renovation for the Wagon Trail Project has been completed. Looking back with immense pride and fulfillment. This virtual kitchen transformation was not just a display of design expertise, but a testament to the power of understanding clients' desires and translating them into a space that elevates their daily lives. The virtual design process proved to be a powerful tool, bridging distances and materializing dreams so much so that I decided to add this service to LINEN + ORCHID.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure, and if you’re interested in taking a Kitchen + Bath Virtual Design journey with me make sure to download my Investment Guide to learn more and let’s get started today!

Until next time, happy designing!

Janet Campbell is the principal designer and creative force behind LINEN + ORCHID a design studio known for crafting personalized spaces that exude elegance and charm. With a passion for creating unforgettable experiences through design, Janet brings her expertise and artistic flair to each project, transforming spaces into true reflections of her clients' visions. Her goal is to transform your house into your sanctuary within.


Principal Designer

“I’m honored to help you find Your Sanctuary Within."


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