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Inside The Insider Box | Old-World Elegance

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I’m thrilled to give you a sneak peek into the new upcoming season of our LINEN + ORCHID Insider Box. It’s a curated collection that promises to captivate, inspire, and invite you to step into old-world elegance for all things European bedroom décor. We’ll explore the exquisite designs, captivating bold color palettes, scalloped curves and unique décor that await you this upcoming Fall 2023 collection.

The theme for this seasons’ curation is “Old-World Elegance”. In this article, we will delve into the concept of "sophisticated simplicity" and how it can transform your primary bedroom into a sanctuary within. Each of the pieces have been hand-picked by me, your personal insider designer, and will captivate a charm of European inspired décor, surely to bring you a feeling and sense of sophistication. As I go over each piece in detail, you’ll start to experience the world of design the way I do, capturing the vintage romantic details to curvy colors, that embodies the timeless beauty and grandeur of the Old World.

Insider Box Fall 2023 Visual Board
Insider Box Fall 2023 - Visual Board
“My mission is to provide you with the latest trends and looks in home décor exclusively hand-picked by me, so you can experience the world of design the same way I do.”­– Janet Campbell

Before we go deep into this month’s curated box, I like to share with you how we got here. After listening to my clients repeatedly ask “where did you find this”, or things like, “I wouldn’t even know where to start, let alone the time to do it” which inspired me to think “how can I let me friends, family and clients experience the world of design like I do”, and that’s when the insider box was born, out of my love for design, and my love of sharing. So, knowing that as an interior designer, I come across one-of-a-kind and unique items that you won’t find in local retail shops or anywhere else, and this is where I come in, I spend countless hours, sometimes 30 hours a day (at least that what’s my husband says), looking thru the hundreds of items I have access to, hand picking the pieces that I know you will love to create a unique one of a kind collection for each season. I then take these pieces, place them in the "insider box" to be delivered directly to your front door. The best part is once you open it up, you'll begin to experience the word of design.

Our goal for the Insider Box is for you and your friends and family to Experience the World of Design the way I do each season with curated unique pieces that represent the current design trends, plus we will be introducing you to other designers and upcoming local artists.

Now that you have a better understanding of what our Insider Box is all about, let’s explore this new upcoming seasons’ curation.

Hibiscus Glass Vase
Hibiscus Vase in Cobalt Blue




Curving, romantic, and fresh, this glass vase exudes beauty and elegance. The Hibiscus Glass vase is mouth-blown in Italy, each is the result of an organic process developed by skilled Tuscan artisans who reimagine the beauty and delicate nature of the hibiscus flower. Each finished product exudes quality, attention to detail, functionality, and style. I picked this piece to represent the trend of repeated soft curves of scalloped designs that we’ve been loving this past year. The Hibiscus Glass vase will add a romantic and feminine look to your bedroom and be the perfect accent piece for your vanity or dresser as you display a fresh color palette with the use of fresh flowers. You will have three colors to choose from Bone White, Cobalt Blue and Forest Green.

Hibiscus Vase Tuscan Artisans image
Hibiscus Vase - Tuscan Artisans

Design Trend: Scallop design is a technique derived from the shape of the scallop shell, consisting of repeated series of arcs. This trend was first introduced during the “Art Deco” years 1920’s – 30’s. Although this trend was re-introduced a few years ago, it’s becoming more prevalent today by re-imagining the design of a furniture piece by adding texture to a space.

Art & Video by: Melissa Mary Jenkins


“Faraway” is an original painting that draws the viewer’s eyes to journey along the horizon. The painting has a “vintage” feel to it, is brimming with lovely texture and will add rich color to your space. This tiny abstract painting is the featured piece to this season’s curation and painted by this season’s featured artist Melissa Mary Jenkins with the use of watercolors, acrylics, a palette knife, and brushes. This is an original art piece that reflects this seasons’ theme of Old-World Elegance. With its “vintage” appeal this painting will be the perfect art addition to your bedroom reflecting a peaceful haven while incorporating the current design trend of rich bold and timeless colors.

Faraway Framed Art & Melissa Mary Jenkins

Melissa Mary Jenkins
Melissa Mary Jenkins

About The Featured Artist:

Melissa Mary Jenkins is an abstract artist and natural ink maker based in Erin, Ontario, Canada. Melissa’s abstract landscapes reflect the strong pull of the natural world encircling her. Melissa “thinks in paintings” and painting is an immediate way to transfer her thoughts.

Thucassi Candle


When I walked into this vendors showroom, the scent captured by sense of smell, then the style of the hand-blown glass caught my eye, solidifying my decision to make this one of the signature pieces in our LINEN + ORCHID Insider box. The texture that the candle vessel is in is beautifully designed and can be re-purposed as a accent piece and or planter. The scents can be enjoyed any time of the year and give a sense of aromatherapy to the room. This season there are two different scents to choose from:

Sunrise Breeze: Serenity bathed in morning light, under topaz skies. Whispering aromas of tangy lemon peel, woody dried tobacco, soothing warm leather, earthy vetiver grass, sultry mossy santal, forest-tinged notes of green amber.

Atrium: Experience mystical rejuvenation, crisp afternoons al fresco, breathtaking moods. Indulgent scents of citrusy white grapefruit, spicy-sharp peppercorn, luxurious noble sandalwood, delightful patchouli, evocative and elegant royal amber.

LINEN + ORCHID Vintage Bouquet Trinket Bowl
Vintage Item found by LINEN + ORCHID
"This one-of-a-kind decor will add character and history, infusing your space with a sense of old-world charm."

One thing I’m enjoying about living in North Carolina is having easy access to vintage and consignment boutiques and since I knew I wanted to include a timeless and one-of-a-kind item, I came across these lovely small vintage trinket bowls. They are from the 1970’s and from a discontinued stoneware collection by Johnson Brothers from the Staffordshire region of England. These beauties feature a colorful floral image with hints of blues, greens, browns and rose colors on the center with ruffled scalloped edges. You will find the hand engraved stamp on the back of the bowl for authenticity. Due to its size this piece is perfect to hold any small items including jewelry. This one-of-a-kind decor will add character and history, infusing your space with a sense of old-world charm.

Fall 2023 LINEN + ORCHID Insider catalog

With European-inspired master bedroom decor, this season’s Insider Box will transport you to a realm of old-world elegance and refined beauty. Due to the unique one-of-a-kind pieces this curation is being released as a limited curation so I would encourage you to PRE-ORDER YOURS TODAY, so you won’t miss out. The Insider Box will be delivered to you between mid-July to early August just in time for the Fall Season.

Let the allure of this season’s curation inspire you to enjoy the opulent charm that it brings to your personal retreat. As your designer my mission is to introduce you to the latest trends in home decor and one-of-a-kind pieces. Experiencing the world of design the way I do.

We hope you enjoy this seasons' curation.

LINEN + ORCHID is a full-service design studio, focusing on residential projects from furnishings to renovations. We can assist in all aspects of a project from start to finish in pursuit of a design concept that reflects your individual style and personality. Our goal is to transform your house into the home that you love and enjoy.

Janet Campbell


Principal Designer

“I’m honored to help you find Your Sanctuary Within."

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